"Whether you engage Bob Tobin as a keynoter, consultant, coach, or confidante, you will get his full attention, and benefit from an extraordinarily deep well of empathy, as well as insight about individuals, teams and organizations. Through his years in academia and business, Bob has become a trusted advisor to countless professionals who have blossomed into successful leaders. He will inspire you."
— Roy Tomizawa, Head of Global Talent Management of Nikko Asset Management
"Bob Tobin has been such an inspiration to so many people in Japan and beyond. His ability to share his wisdom in a way that is infectious with learners of all ages is truly extraordinary."
— Patrick Newell, Author, Founder and Director of Ted Talks, Tokyo
"Bob Tobin is a great presenter and teacher. He will inspire you and help you think in new and innovative ways. He has had a very positive effect on the people in this company."
— Yasuhiko Shoji, Global Human Resources Director of Suntory Beverages

When you quit a job, get laid off or get fired [if people use that word] others will tell you: “we’ll miss you”. You’ll also hear: “it won’t be the same without you.” Unless you’re a complete jerk. Even then, people will say these things just to be nice [and to get you the hell out of there]. I’ve heard both of these things when I’ve left jobs, even in places where “my contract was not renewed”. These things  really…