What Do You Want to Create Today?: Build the Life You Want at Work shows you how to develop your career in a way that uniquely suits you.

Tobin has spent 25 years inspiring hundreds of executives and thousands of students to create the kind of lives they want at work using the strategies outlined in this book.

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“Couldn’t you just fake it?”   That’s what I wanted to say to him.  But I didn’t say a thing. I kept my mouth shut. The situation:  A presentation about his company’s successful strategy Him:  CEO of a global company Me:     Member of the audience Why I wanted to say this:     He never used the word “we”. He talked about the strategy as if HE did everything.  It was all, “I”, “I”, “I”. Couldn’t he once say “we”,…

I know you don’t expect me to write something negative. After all, I am generally positive,  an optimist and as far as chances are concerned, I really do believe that opportunities come often. But there are those times when we have a chance to do something and we “blow it” and it may be a while before  another chance as good comes along. I have no regrets, but I had such a chance when I was teaching in California about…