Can I Be Honest With You? No, Please Lie To Me.

Can I Be Honest With You? No, Please Lie To Me.

Why would someone ask that?  Was everything else they said a lie?

What’s the correct answer to this question?  No, please lie to me?

Ditto for when someone asks me, “Can I tell you the truth?

Here are a few other questions I have been wondering about

1. Why would anyone want Donald Trump’s endorsement or Sarah Palin’s? I don’t even like their hair, and no, I am not jealous.

2. Why do some people who speak perfect Japanese have so much trouble communicating with Japanese people?  Some non-fluent speakers are great at communicating-with anyone.

3. What’s the big deal about olive oil?  Virgin, extra virgin, oil from Italy or Lebanon?

I hardly have room in my kitchen for one bottle never mind 10.

Here’s a link to a book that details the thievery in the olive oil industry.

Olive oil has been mislabeled for years and some so-called experts can’t tell the difference between junk and the most expensive.  [In a restaurant, I have one request re olive oil. Please give me butter with my bread thank you.]

4. Why don’t doctors recommend retail therapy?  I think it works just as good as massage therapy, and might even be cheaper given what people charge for massages here.

5.  Why do regular English muffins cost Y 158 yen [about $2 US for 4] and English muffins with raisins costY 252 yen [about $3 US for 4]  These are some damn expensive raisins!

6. If someone met the director of a symphony would they ask him if they could add a new violinist who happens to be their nephew to their orchestra?  I don’t think so.  So, why do people ask art gallery owners, if  they could add  the work of their nephew who happens to be an artist to their gallery?

7. Why do people tell you they don’t like their boss when you just casually ask them about their work?  It would seem to be a smart move to be quiet about this kind of thing.

All thoughts and more questions welcome. Please post below or email:

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