People Who Get Things Done

People who get things done want to be with other people who get things done,

not with people who are gonna get things done, who are gonna do things.

Don’t be a gonna, wanna, do something kind of person.

Be a person who does things.

Be a person who gets things done.

Oh. And one more thing. You don’t have to talk about it either. You don’t have to say, “I’m gonna lose 5 pounds” or I’m gonna learn to cook.  Let people see the results instead.

My friend M just wrote a screenplay. Yep, a full-blown screen play. I didn’t even know he was working on it. He just wrote it.

Every now and then I run into an Australian guy who lives here in Tokyo and does management training.  He always tells me he wants to be a consultant.  He asks me how I do it, and then he says he’s gonna do it some day too.  He says he’s afraid to give up what he’s got even though he doesn’t like it so much.

He’s been saying this for more than 15 years.  I spent some time avoiding him.  Now I listen to him trying to understand him.  Still, he says he’s  gonna change some day. Anyone want to take a bet about when?


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