The Down Side of Acting Like you Know Everything

Act like you know everything and people will stop telling you ANYTHING.

“What a beautiful rose”, you tell your friend.  He tells you the Latin name and where it came from.  The next time you see tulips, you don’t tell him anything.

The new employee tells the shift manager she knows how to use the cash register. No problem. In the middle of the lunch rush hour, she discovers she doesn’t, but the manager is too busy to help. He eventually gives her a different job that doesn’t require training.

I tell my friend I thought the people in Paris were rude.  She tells me it’s because they don’t like Americans there.  I guess she didn’t know that I went there with H who is Japanese.

Sometimes, it’s good to say “wow”, “I could use your help”, or “why”?

You’ll both learn something.

And you’ll start a conversation. Not end it.

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  1. Why do I love all of your posts? :) This is so great.

  2. gundam says:

    thanks.very good blog and very good share.