One Way To Keep The Best People In Your Organization

It’s been a busy week. Busy with art, writing, meetings and most surprisingly-many retirement parties from my university teaching position at Keio University in Japan.

Really nice parties too.

If you are going to leave a job soon and most people liked you:

       Be prepared for non-stop partying–it’s almost like being a student again.

Except the food and drink are better.  And other people pay.

If you run a company or a work group, there is a lesson to be learned from all of my partying.  Don’t wait until someone retires before you show your appreciation and throw a party.   Take the time to show that you appreciate them while they are still working there. If you don’t, the person just might leave and go somewhere else.  You might say–who needs appreciation, they make a good salary–isn’t that enough?

No, a salary is not enough.  A bit of  appreciation coupled with humanity is needed too.

Of course, challenging work, a chance to learn, and working  with the best all help, but don’t underestimate the value of appreciation.

When I first started at Keio University, I was surprised that other faculty members came up to me and said, “thank you for teaching our students.” It happened from day one. There were always faculty members who said that to me, almost on a weekly basis.

And the students too very often thanked me at the end of the class.  They weren’t looking for an A.  They meant it.

I had other job offers while I was there and I thought many times of returning to full-time consulting, but I felt as if I could make a contribution there and other people could see the contribution I made.

If you want to keep the best people in your organization, let them know you appreciate them.  Have some fun. Don’t wait until they retire or leave.

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  1. zenhostel says:

    does this advice also apply for sole proprietorships with zero employees like ZH?

  2. bobtobin says:

    Ha. I think so. Treat yourself well!!