Meet The People Who Buy

The people who buy?  They just buy.

The people who talk about buying?

They  just talk about buying. A lot.  They rarely buy.

Want to improve your business results?

1.  Spend  time with the people who buy. Attract them. Find them. Take care of them. Give them great service and products.

2. Spend less time with the people who talk about buying.  You’ll have more time to spend time with the people who buy.  You’ll be less frustrated too.

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  1. Christine M. says:

    This I knew already!! How do we get to the people who buy?? that IS the main question. For a painter, to sell is to be with a gallery who wants to sell your work , so how do you get to be involved with a gallery? obviously , they do not want people contacting them directly , you have to be recommended. So now , how do you get a recommandation ? When somebody buys your work, you might have a chance to have a recommandation, but only if your buyer has some power!! Fate? Chance ? Talent is not enough, that’s for sure!!

  2. bobtobin says:

    Hi and thanks for your comments. Have you seen the post here on What Gallerists Look for In Choosing Artists. That might help. Also,please let me know what you’ve done so far, and I will write more in another post. Best regards, BT