There’s More to Romance Than Roses. There’s More To Business Too! Be Different!!

I never could understand the attraction of roses.   [I do understand diamonds. They are special.]

When I give or get a gift, I want something special, something different.  Something no one else is giving or receiving.

Why would I want a gift that everyone else gives or gets? Like Roses. I admit they are beautiful,  but beauty comes in many forms.

What I especially like about H is that his gifts are  so unique and different.  On one of his first visits to my apartment in Japan, he brought two packages  of strawberries.  No one had ever brought me strawberries before!

And the same is true in business.  Give the customers something special. Something they can’t get anywhere else.

When others are touting coffee latte, don’t follow the pack, break out with a different kind of product.  Something with cinnamon or toffee or butterscotch.

When others are going for internships in investment banks, take one with a luxury brand.

When others are going to Europe, go to Kazakhstan or Uganda.

When most gyms are focusing on attracting young people, reach out to the seniors.

You get the idea?  There’s more than one way to be romantic and there’s more than one way to reach your customers, reach your goal.

You can go another way for two reasons.

The first reason is because no one else is and you see a market opportunity.

The second reason to go another way is because that way  is really you. It’s  really what you want to do and believe in.

The first way may be a very good business reason. The second way reflects your passion.

Both can work.

And if you  can combine both together, you’ll have a good business opportunity that you’re passionate about.

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