Painful To Watch?

When I was suffering from plantar fascitis   I had  a shot of cortisone  in my right heel.  The shot was painful but it was more painful to see the look on H’s face when the doctor  stuck the needle in.

I could tolerate the needle, but I couldn’t watch H writhe in pain.

And the same is the case when I see some people work.  It’s painful to watch them. They take an easy job  and make it difficult.  They expend ten times the level of effort that is needed for a job. They’re perpetually tired too.

Not too far from my home, there’s a young woman in what was once my favorite shop who “over-thanks” me.  I am used to people in Japan thanking me a few times, but even in this thankful culture, she thanks me  much too much.  I buy a pack of gum, and she treats me as if I bought a diamond ring, in a loud voice.  Lately, I’m not going in there anymore.  I feel uncomfortable.

What is causing me pain is also costing this store business.

There’s more pain for me when I see language professors lug hundreds of tapes to the language lab to record the lessons for each student.  Huh?  Couldn’t the the students do the recordings? Who uses tape recorders these days?  What percent of these tapes will be used?

It’s also painful to watch one of the new water aerobics teacher at my gym who yells out the routines to no one in particular and then has to explain what to do to each person individually.  Couldn’t he establish eye contact or call everyone to attention or say the word “change” and explain the routine to everyone at the same time?

He was sweating at the end of the class and we weren’t.  It should be the other way around, shouldn’t it?

Maybe you know people at work who are painful to watch. It really does hurt to watch them.

If you’re someone who takes an easy job  and makes it look tough, you’re probably exhausted at the end of the day.  For no reason. You also might be driving other people away.

Could there be an easier way?   There is always an easier way.

Think about it. Try it.

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