New Job? Find Out What’s On The Menu

It’s good policy in a restaurant to see what you can choose  before you order.  You might think you know what you want before you look at the menu, but there may be something new there that jumps out at you.

There’s also a good chance that what you want is not on the menu either.

It’s the same when you take a new job.  Don’t go in there with your  order.  Find out what’s on the menu first.

How do you know what’s on the menu?  Talk to people inside and outside the company and find out what areas need improvement, find out how you can add value, find out what your group needs, find out what your boss wants.

Carlos Ghosn didn’t start with orders when he took charge at Nissan.  He spent months finding out what the company needed. He spoke to people inside and outside the company.  He  made a list of priorities and then worked off this menu.

When you start a new job, take a long look first, then you’ll be ready to order.

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  1. usasiabuzz says:

    Awesome analogy. Especially when you’re “hungry”. My favorite is getting reviews from career sites / employees.

    My personal favorite for restaurant reviews is Yelp and Glassdoor for companies. Not sure what Japan’s is.