When People Ask How You Are, Don’t Say “Busy”

When People Ask You How You Are, Don’t Say Busy.

It might be true, but it’s boring.  Really Boring.

In Japan, it’s a badge of honor to say you’re busy.  But think about it.  That’s what everyone says.  And it might not even be true.

Even more important than being busy, are you doing something you love to do? Are you learning something? Anything?

Most people who tell me they  are busy are usually not doing anything exciting. They are just busy.

If you’re talking to someone you want to date, and you tell them you’re so busy, they might wonder if you’ll ever have time for them.

When people ask me how I am,  I usually answer “Great”.    Very few people want to hear a full litany of what’s going on with me.

H, one of my former teaching assistants always used this answer and I thought it was a perfect response.

When others ask you the same question, it’s not an invitation to tell everything that is wrong. It’s like saying hello.

I sometimes answer this question, “living, really living.”  Or I say I’m “enjoying my life” or “having fun”. People like to hear that, and they sometimes ask me to tell them more.

It I answered busy, they wouldn’t do much more than sympathize with me.

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