This Is What Happens 9 Times Out of 10

This is what happens.

9 Times Out of 10.

1. The client who calls and says “this guy working for me needs a coach”, it’s the caller who really needs the coaching.

[One reason the caller wants the other guy to change is because the caller doesn’t know how to handle the other guy.]

2. We’d all be better off if we talked less. This is especially true for teachers and professors.  Parents too.

3. When you turn on the water in the shower, it’s cold water that will come blasting out at you.

4.  Guys with hair pieces can never look bald guys straight in the eye.

4.  It’s always an out of shape guy in the gym who wants to give you advice on shaping up.

5.  It’s people with money who say, “it’s not about the money.”

6. The food in the buffet looks a lot better than it tastes.

7.  Following your competition will never lead to success.   Success comes from breaking away from the pack.  And excellence.

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