Hotel Buffets: One Place Where I’m Going to Lower Expectations

I am a sucker for buffets, but it’s always the same.    They look so beautiful but the taste is never really good. I  am always disappointed.

Tell me, is there anything more disappointing than a hotel dinner buffet?

When I first see the buffet spread, it looks so beautiful. My eyes light up. So many colors. So many varieties of foods I never saw before as well as some familiar ones.  Whoopee!!  I can’t wait to get my plate and dig in.

I do a fast walk up to the tables, and fill my plate with a variety of good stuff.  I rush to sit down at my seat and then I taste the first bite. Tastes like plastic. I thought it was a shrimp?  Next bite is roast beef.  Tastes like coffee pudding   It continues like this for a while.  Each bite brings less and less pleasure.

If I’m smart, I don’t go back  to the buffet table for seconds or thirds and if I’m really smart I pass on the dessert table.  [I’m not always that smart.]

When I finish, the grin on my face is gone. I feel a bit bloated.  I feel like I never want to see so much food again. Maybe it’s time for me to lower my expectations.

I’ll have  my stomach talk to my eyes.

I don’t plan to lower expectations in other aspects of my life.  I’m someone with a lot of hope.  I like having high expectations and usually these are exceeded by others. It’s served me well in life and love.

But hotel buffets, be warned.

I am not going to let you hypnotize me into thinking all that good looking food tastes good too.

Who needs the stress?  The adrenaline rush?

And disappointment?

Or all that food?

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