Does Starbucks Care About My Health or Their Wealth?

I’ve been a Starbucks Lover for years.  I’ve written about them before. Starbucks customer service is right up there with the Ritz Carlton.

I can’t quite understand what they are doing now though.  They’re alienating me, one of their biggest fans.

They’ve taken away two things I really like when I go there for my morning coffee. First to go was dark coffee.  [I love a dark coffee, like a French or Italian Roast. Give me those burnt burns with an almost bitter taste.]

Now it’s gone. It’s not to be found behind the serving counter at my local “Starbies”, so I have to settle for Medium. Medium just doesn’t have the kick I need, so sometimes I  drink more coffee at home rather than heading  out.

Why should I have to “settle” when I pay Starbucks coffee prices?

I read here that they have added a very light blonde roast to compete with McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, but I haven’t read anything about the dark coffee being taken off the menu, and that’s what they’ve done.  Unfair.

Second to go, was half and half, that mixture of milk and cream that makes your coffee taste so delicious. It’s gone. I can’t find it when I go the self service counter to add some white stuff.  The only choices now are regular milk and skim milk.  They aren’t bad choices, but there are those times when I would like half and half.

I’m thinking that there might be two explanations for Starbucks doing this disappearing act.  One is cost.  Perhaps medium coffee is cheaper, and when there is no half and half,  Starbucks saves money.

The second explanation is that  Starbucks cares about my health and they’ve slimmed down the menu in the hope of keeping me around as a healthy customer  bit longer.  Slim down the menu and slim down the customers. Maybe  [I’m not sure] medium coffee is healthier than dark roast, and certainly the milks they offer now are less caloric than half and half.

But it’s hard for me to accept the health reason.  After all, they offer glazed donuts and all of those high calorie frappuccinos guaranteed to add centimeters to your waist.

What happened to the value proposition I expect from Starbucks?  High quality products as I like them served with a smile. Is It Their Wealth They Care About? Even more than my health?

When a premium brand like Starbucks decreases the options it provides to customers, the brand loses its luster.  I’ve been a big fan but now they are pushing me to go elsewhere because they’ve changed the brand proposition. When I think Starbucks, I think options. I think pleasure, I think coffee as I like it.  Not weaker coffee with milk.

Please, Starbucks, make my day. Bring back the things I love. All will be forgiven. Before I walk away.

One note about your business.  Are there things, like services, that you are taking away from customers?  And are you losing customers because of it.

Think of the airlines.  You once could check a bag and eat the food for free.  Now you pay for these.  They took away free bag check-in and free meals.

It makes people angry when you charge them for what they used to get for free, or just as bad, don’t give them what they came to your place to get in the first place.

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