Here’s How To Make the Ordinary Into Something Extraordinary

When I go to the pool at my gym, Esforta Roppongi, the attendant doesn’t just hand me a bathing cap.  He unfolds it, thus making it easier for me to put it on.  At Starbucks they don’t just have chairs for me to sit on, they have comfortable chairs and sofas like you would find in a hotel.

I love it when companies take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

As individuals, we can do it too.  One of my neighbors, D always has a big smile on her face, knows some of our artists as well as I do and is a joy to see even when we both are exhausted and finished our workouts.  Meeting her always brings a smile to my face, and I know others feel the same way

We also can turn something ordinary into a chance to make a connection with people. How?  Say something different than expected. When people ask me, how’s the weather”, I tell them, “I don’t even notice it.” [It’s true].  We then talk -about a lot of things including the things that don’t enter our perceptions.

“Hot, isn’t it?” ” It’s chilly for me.”

H and I stumbled upon a new way of shaking hands too.  It’s most common for us to kiss and embrace, but sometimes we shake hands after meeting with others or after a disagreement.  But now, we’ve taken to really “shaking hands”.  I mean not holding each other’s hands, but putting out our hands as if to shake, but keeping our hands by our own sides and then just shaking hands up and down.  It’s funny, we laugh. Is it weird? Maybe, but so what!  We laugh, it’s funny.  We feel good.  Instead of shaking hands in the rote Imageway, we really “shake hands” and our days continue with a laugh.

No doubt, you can turn something very ordinary that you do into something extraordinary.  It might be something as simple as putting a strawberry into a glass of orange juice or using the “good glasses” at breakfast, but it also could be something more meaningful, like asking people how work could be more fun, and then doing something about it.

Don’t wait.  Life really is short.

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