Poverty of The Mind

July 5, 2012

I used to tell my students that  questions are more important than answers.  Anyone who writes down and memorizes facts can know a lot of answers.  Only the curious, the creative, the  interested,  know the best questions to ask.  When I consult to companies, I’m happy when they like my questions. The clients I work with are intelligent and they want to think, not just listen to advice.

You learn a lot about people by listening to the questions they ask. [I don't mean the guys in the supermarket who ask you, "paper or plastic?"]

At the end of a day of teaching, I’d feel energized.  I’d run in to a colleague in the elevator.  He’d always ask me, “aren’t you exhausted?’ No, I wasn’t but he was.

Another colleague wrote a best-selling novel and  sold the movie rights for the book for over a million dollars.  One night, I said,  “let’s go out for Thai food after classes.”

His question was“is it expensive?”

Are you kidding me?  How expensive could it be?   The guy had a million dollars in the bank and considerable royalties coming in every month, plus his teaching salary.

Thankfully I don’t have many people like this in my life. Right now, I can’t think of one.  I know poverty is real for many people, but there is also  poverty of the mind.

Some very rich people have it too.


  1. Poverty of the Mind…an amazing quote of the day!

  2. Thank You.

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