Be The Buddha At Work

Last week I ran into a former client. Migod, he had changed, in a very short time.

Before when I’d  meet him, he’d always be complaining about his work, but now at last he has finally found something that he likes, that he can get his heart into.

He told me my blog has helped him.  I was glad to hear it.

A long time ago, I met him when he worked for a very big insurance company whose name is now famous.  It was a culture of yelling.

Whenever I went by the CEO’s office, he’d be chewing out someone, very loudly. When one of the VPs wanted to extend my consulting contract to help the team develop new products, I had to go up to the CEO’s office and three of the senior leadership grilled me.  It’s one thing to exercise due diligence. It’s another thing to be inhumane, and that was the culture there.

This guy went on to a few more jobs before he found this one, but there was always something wrong.  This time, it was a pleasure to meet him and talk with him.  Which got me thinking that we can all do something that will bring us more satisfaction, peace and happiness at work.

It is almost as if you can be the Buddha at work.  I’m not talking about being Buddhist. I’m talking about the kind of Buddha that is kind, and respects others, and in turn is respected.

This week at work–there’s only two more days, try these three things.

1.  No complaining. Not to anyone. And yes that includes your partner.  Why should they be a dumping ground for complaints?

2.  No gossip.  Never. People start badmouthing someone or spreading a rumor, just tell them, “I’ve got to run now”. [even if it’s just to the toilet.]

3.  No bad-mouthing anyone.  Don’t say anything bad about anyone. No one.  H is really good at this and he monitors me too. If I want to say something bad about someone, he says, “it doesn’t suit you.”

It doesn’t suit you either.

It’s not easy making our way in the world, but it’s a lot simpler when you stop gossiping, complaining and speaking ill of others.

I’d love to hear your comments about how this works for you.

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