Restoring The Dignity To Your Work

Smile when you do the laundry. Someone’s got to do it and you might as well enjoy it.

That’s what H says to me whenever I have something to do that I might think of as unpleasant.

I don’t do the laundry that often but I do other things that I don’t really like.  Even writing on some days.  And H’s recommendation is always the same:  Enjoy it.  And I do.

Why torture myself even more by acting like it’s a chore?

Which brings me to “Spikey Guy” at my gym.  I don’t know his name, but he’s a young guy, just graduated from sports university a couple of years ago. He is one of the gym staff and  does a lot of jobs there.  I call him “spikey guy” because he has spikey hair.  He helps people with weights and with their training programs, he teaches “power up” classes, and he is an attendant at the swimming pool.

And he also takes out the laundry.  A lot of laundry.  He stuffs all of the towels into huge bags and then drags them to the front and hands them over to the people on the laundry truck.

What is amazing about him, is that when he takes out the laundry, he smiles and is cheerful.  There are  other folks who work at the gym who take out the laundry but they don’t smile.  They act like it’s beneath them, or act like it’s a chore.  But not him.  He acts like it’s a pleasure.  And no matter what he does, he smiles and is cheerful.

Talking with people about work is what I do.

People ask me how they can get back their motivation to work, how they can find a better job, how they can make more money.

I tell them that whatever they are doing now, even if it’s doing the laundry or the dishes, they should do it with unbounded excellence, and with a smile. Every job has dignity.  The dignity that you bring to it.

I tell them if you do the job well,   you’ll enjoy it more, others will notice you, and you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction of doing the best you could. And it will be good training for your next job. I mean it.

Think you can’t do that where you are now?

I don’t believe it.

Give it one more shot and put some of your heart back into what you are doing.

We all have stuff that we don’t like to do, but whatever you do, do it well and enjoy it.

I like to tell people, “be great and have fun.”

There are others who can get good results.

There are very few that can get good results and enjoy it.

How we do something is often as important as the result.

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