It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks

There are those times when you learn something that just throws you totally off kilter.  It just knocks the hell out of you.  It makes you wonder about your intelligence. It makes you worry about the way you’ve been living.  Today was one of those times for me.

Finding out your partner is a serial killer is an extreme example.  That would knock me out.  It might even kill me. Thankfully, he’s not.

If found out that my trusted accountant who has been my friend and trusted adviser for more than 30 years had been ripping me off, that would hurt. Thankfully it hasn’t been happening.

This week, I [finally] realized that I am still making some of  mistakes today that I thought I had stopped. Why didn’t I notice before?

I have to be thankful for those shitty things that happen.  They teach us.

When I talked with H this morning at breakfast and then again after swimming, I realized that these old habits had slowly crept up on me again.  It hurt me when I realized this.  I am trying not to judge myself about it.  I just have to stop it. Period.

I will learn and grow from this.  But now I understand why learning is so tough. I understand why people resist learning and resist changing.

When you are going along a certain way,  a new way or new knowledge questions the path you’re on.  It’s easier to say the path is wrong.It’s easier for managers to think there is something wrong with their employees rather than their leadership style.

When you get hit with bricks,it’s really a gift.  A gift that pushes you to grow and  change.  And if you didn’t see what you were doing wrong, you would never change.

It hurts when you get hit by  a ton of bricks.  But it’s worth it if you change because of it.

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