You Are Not Costco!!

You are not Costco. Or Target or JC Penny. You can’t be everything for everyone.  You’re not Amazon either.  So if you’re a smaller business, focus on your core customers–the ones who pay the bills.  And use the one competitive advantage you can easily use: Personal Contact.

That’s right. Personal connection with the customer. Know them by name.  Know what they like.  Be nice to them. Treat them well. That’s all.  And focus on the long term.  And no bullshit about “the customer is always first either.”

Bullshit Example 1. I just had dinner last week in Osaka at a good restaurant that I will never go back to. I spent a lot of money for me and H. The manager was going to come out and say hello, but “he got busy.”  I just got a form letter  three weeks later thanking me for coming. It was signed by a machine.

Bull shit Example 2: I advertise in an art  publication that is close to going out of business.  In the last publication, there were only about 20 full page ads, and I was one of them.

Before I placed the ads, the marketing rep contacted me about a million times–no exaggeration.  After I placed the ads and paid the bill, no contact, except yesterday, he sent me another form letter citing a blog on how to build a brand. Here’s a quote from the article:

1: Consumers want a relationships with your brand
2: Interactions build relationships.
3: The more interaction the better.

I think the guy didn’t read his own article. All of this advice is good, you just have

to do one thing:  follow it.

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