The One Skill You Have Learn in University

Unfortunately the one skill you need to learn at university is not taught there.

And even if it was taught there, you’d never learn it from professors.

What I want you to learn is how to sell.  That’s right. Learn how to  S-E-L-L before you graduate from university.

No matter what kind of career you want to have, you’ll need to know how to sell.

You need to know how to sell yourself, sell your idea to clients, sell your boss on your ideas, sell your staff on your strategy.  No matter what kind of career you follow, you’ll need selling skills.

Know how to sell, and you’ll never have to look for a job.

Selling teaches you a lot more than selling. Selling teaches you how to” tune in” to other people, selling teaches you about “paying attention”, selling teaches you how to listen, how to read nonverbal signals, and selling teaches you how hard it is to make money. Real money.

I don’t care if selling lacks prestige.  It’s not as sexy as marketing or business development, but it’s real, very real and you’ll learn something that you will use your entire life.

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