How Entrepreneurs Can Use Linked In

What’s So Great About LinkedIn?

That’s what a friend, a highly paid corporate lawyer, asked me.

He thinks he doesn’t need it. But I do. I’m an entrepreneur.

Here’s 4 ways you can use LinkedIn.

1.  Find people you want to do business with.  Collaborators, partners and clients

2. Learn about the competition. You can see what they are up to. If you’re looking for work, you can see what they do, and get clear on how what you do is different.

3. Perfect your elevator pitch.  Look at the way some people describe themselves.  It’s beautiful. Others are not so beautiful.  Don’t ever call yourself a guru.

Put something in there that will get people’s interest, like “I’m funny”.

How many times do I want to read “an experienced executive blah blah blah “?

And don’t talk about yourself in the third person either. You’re not royalty.

4. Find People Doing Interesting Stuff. No doubt there are probably people right around the corner who are doing stuff that’s fascinating, interesting, etc.

I just found out that one of the big consulting firms has a CFO practice designed to help CFO’s.  It surprised me, but certainly fills a need.

LinkedIn is not just for people looking for jobs. It’s for everyone.

Also, keep your profile and contacts up to date.  Don’t wait until you need a job before you keep your profile active.

It’s more important that your company brochure or your resume.  I mean it.

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  1. Tim Mushey says:

    Nice list! Thanks for the info. LinkedIn is certainly a great resource for all of these things.