Want to Improve Organizational Creativity? No Chicken Dances

Creativity does not come from having people attend a workshop on creativity techniques.

That might work for a while, but I wouldn’t count on it to make a huge difference.

Some workshop leaders have people dance round like chickens. Tell me what good that does.

No, creativity is more complex than learning new techniques.  It begins with eradicating fear in the organization, fear to make mistakes, fear of looking foolish, fear of being the winner or the loser.  It means tapping the creativity that is there in all of us that has perhaps laid dormant for a long time, or killed by a judgmental adult long ago.

It means connecting and collaborating and it means leading in a new way.  A quiet way of leadership that does not dominate the group or have anything to do with being charismatic.  Instead it means listening more, encouraging, understanding.

It takes more than a chicken dance to make that kind of change happen.

Post Script.  Last week I said these same words to a client.  He couldn’t quite get what I meant by chicken dances.  Instead of dancing around like a chicken, he remembered those dances in Arkansas that he used to go to, where everyone would bring a chicken.

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