Can You Answer Life’s Most Important Question?

One of my professors in graduate school told me that  college gives you  all the answers.

“The best reason to go to graduate school”, she told me,  “is to learn the right questions”.

She was joking. Kind of.

But she was really right.

Anyone can act like they have all the answers,

but it’s really more important to know the right questions to ask.

I always told my university students that  questions are more important the answers.

The most important question in life is this one:

What do you want?

Answer this question and you’ll soon be on the way to getting it.

Every day, I consult to executives about their work.  “What do you want?” is the first question I ask them.  Often they don’t know.

Some times they say, “I want a promotion.”  Maybe your answer would be, “I want a lot of money”   But these are not answers that will last long before people say, “I want another promotion. Or More Money. Most typically, they say, “I don’t know.”

The best answer is when you can say, ” I WANT TO _________.”

For example, “I want to bring healthy food to people in Guam.” or

 “I want to have a positive impact on the people I meet.”

If you don’t know your answer to the question, keep on asking yourself, again and again.

Write down the answers that come to you.  Nothing comes?  Keep on asking. Start guessing.

Don’t censor.  See what you come up with.

Avoid any self-judgement.  Don’t say, “I can’t have that, ” or “that would never work.”

Just look at the answers and you’ll soon be on your way to knowing what you want.

Don’t talk them over with anyone who is financially dependent on your income.  Talk them over with yourself first [or if you don’t like to talk to yourself, just think about them, or get some help  in looking at the options from a professional .

Find someone who can help you get more of what you want. Find someone who can ask you more questions.  Questions that will encourage you to think.

Don’t answer this question at your own peril.  Not asking this question in life may prevent you from getting the kind of satisfaction you deserve and surely want.

Don’t think this is an important question?  I disagree.  You might be ignoring it for some reasons.  Or maybe you’ve already answered it.

If you haven’t answered it, the sooner you do, the better things will get.

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