Here’s What Was Wrong With Romney’s Speech

I gave up some of my lunch hour to listen to Romney give his acceptance speech at the Republican convention. There were no surprises and that’s one of the things that was wrong.

Here’s my opinion about what was wrong with today’s talk.

1.  Bad Start.  He started the speech talking about Paul Ryan.  Start a speech by getting people’s attention. Focus on something big.  Don’t talk about someone else. Maybe he felt he had to defend Ryan.

2. No Humor.  We know the guy is stiff, but can’t he even tell a joke, or break a smile that’s a real smile, not that plastic one.  He tried to tell a joke but it was at Obama’s expense.  It was a low blow as far as I’m concerned and no one really got it in the beginning.

3. No Specifics.  He talked about 5 goals he wanted to accomplish, but he didn’t say anything about how.  He didn’t say anything about how he would achieve these goals when so many of his policies will insure that those goals will never be achieved.

4.  No First Hand Knowledge.  He talked about how people have suffered but he has no personal knowledge of the suffering, short of what he might have read in the Wall Street Journal.  He hasn’t suffered.

5.  Bad Content.  He talked about Ryan being a good family man who loves his family.  And loves his mother.  Tell me, who doesn’t.  There may be some people who do not but I don’t see this as a reason to vote for Romney or Ryan.  If that’s all that he’s got going for him, he should retire to the Caymans.

6.  No Surprises.  I used to tell my students that when you give a speech, “say something I’ve never heard before”, “teach me something new”.  There was nothing new in this speech and even worse, nothing memorable.

I’ve heard people say it was a good business speech.

That’s an insult to people in business.

I’ve heard and given much better business speeches.

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