Anyone Can Be Good. Here’s How To Be Great.

Good, good, good. Good ice cream, good wine, good people, good hotels.  There’s a lot of good things, but Great. So Few.

Just came back from my water aerobics class.  The teachers at my gym  are all good. In fact, very good. But this teacher was great.  The difference was incredible.

The time flew by so fast that I took two classes.  Nothing was boring, the pacing was perfect.  I taught so I know how hard it is.  Here’s what made her great.

1. Challenged Us. Two very tough classes.

2. Paid Attention To Us.  [In some African countries they say, “I see you” and the answer is “I am here”. You are not considered there until someone sees you.  How beautiful is this?]

3.  Walked the talk.  She looks great. Beautiful shape, energetic.  Fantastic condition.

4.  Smiled.

5. Encouraged Us.

6. Even Gave Individual Attention

I made up my mind when I was a professor not to be a good professor. I made up my mind to be a great professor. And if you want to be great at something, make greatness your goal.  If you’re a teacher, here’s what else I recommend.

7. Love yourself.  Take care of your own needs. Just don’t give, give, give.

8. Love the students.  All of them, all of the time.

9. Love the subject matter.  If you don’t love what you’re teaching, teach something else.

If you’re in business, do all these things but change 8 and 9 to Love the clients, the people who work with you, and what you make.  If you don’t you’ll just have to settle for good.

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