The Easiest Way For Individuals And Teams To Be More Effective

Every day, I meet artists, CEO’s, consultants, waiters and waitresses, aerobics teachers, venture capitalists, husbands, wives, kids, teachers, lawyers, mothers, professors, writers, business leaders.

Many want to be more effective in what they do.  If there is one mistake that they all make in the way we do their work it’s this.

They talk too much.

If you want to be more effective.


Don’t talk so much.  Don’t talk over anyone. Don’t interrupt.  Don’t talk louder.  Don’t continue to talk when the other person looks like they don’t understand.  Don’t talk about yourself too much. Get off the phone.

Just stop talking.  That’s all.

As a consultant, I sometimes observe team meetings and analyze the interactions at the meetings.

I use two methods, the Fisher and Fraser Interaction Analysis and Short Interval Scheduling. I record who talks, how long,  and what they are talking about.

In the most effective groups, a wide variety of people are talking.  In the least effective groups, one person dominates.  Want your team to be more effective?  Let others talk.

Woody Allen has made a movie a year for more than 20-30 years.  He has to use his time effectively.

He knows which actors he wants to use in his movies and he goes after them.  He meets with them.  He doesn’t ask them a lot of questions.He lets them talk, or he just says hello.  After a few minutes, he says “thank you.”  He doesn’t hang around and spend a lot of time chit chatting. He knows in an instant whether he will use that actor in a movie or not.  He doesn’t waste any time or try to convince them.

He decides and then a few days later writes them.

He doesn’t  need to “sell”, or talk more. Neither do you.

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