Some Compliments Are Better Than Others

It’s nice to get compliments.   Compliments like these are always welcome.

“You look good.”

“You’ve lost weight”

Even if you know it, it’s still nice hearing it.  When you get one, don’t disagree. Just, say “thank you.”

You don’t have to return the compliment to the complimenter  either.  You don’t have to say they’re nice.  It’s like you think they only give it because they’re nice. They most likely give it because they mean it.

The best compliments are ones that come as something of a surprise.  Here are some that I was fortunate enough to hear recently.

“You look so energetic.”  [This came from a former student]

“You look so sporty”  [This came from one of our artists whom I’ve known for 5+ years.]

“You motivate me to make better and better work.” [This came from one of our artists]

“I’d like to work with you.” [This also came from a former student]

I won’t forget these anytime soon. They really touched me,. I didn’t expect them. They just came out of the blue.

The best compliments are ones that you don’t expect.

There are also some compliments that can freak you out.

This next compliment also came out of the blue and it was a surprise, but it was too personal from someone I didn’t know:

“I love your hairy chest.”

Aargh.  It wasn’t Hitoshi who said it either.

Who said it?  A woman around my age in my swim class who touched my chest as she gave me the compliment.  It was a bit too much.

The best compliments are a surprise in a good way.  They are not too intrusive either.

Have a great weekend and week ahead.

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