How Not to Conduct A Performance Review

I’m sitting in Starbucks.  Don’t ever conduct performance appraisals here.

That said, I often see people conducting performance reviews here–and not just Starbucks staff.  People from all kinds of companies.

Starbucks is not the place to have a private conversation.

It’s the wrong place.

No privacy.

People like me eavesdrop.

No chance to show emotion either.

But maybe that’s what people want.

Today’s the worst.

In the space of an hour, this is what I’ve [over] heard and my response.

BTW, three people are giving feedback, one is taking it.   The cards are stacked.

  1. “You have a long way to go”  What does that mean?  Where am I going?
  2. “You don’t have enough fight in you.”  Huh?
  3. “I’d like to see you stand up for yourself more”  It’s pretty tough when you are beating the hell out of me.  
  4. “How do  you think you are doing?” It’s not a self-assessment.  The boss is supposed to be giving the feedback.
  5. ‘This will be very short”  Why short?  Isn’t employee development important?
  6. I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from clients about you.  Can you be more specific?  Why didn’t you bring this up before?
  7. “I don’t like your attitude.”  What is that supposed to mean?  And what don’t you like?  What role do you think you’ve played in forming my attitude?

Truth be told:. If this is the way this company gives feedback I’d go looking for another job.  

I noticed no one got any papers to look at nor did anyone being appraised take notes.  They probably had already started looking.

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