“I Should Have Ordered The Chicken”

Maybe you’ve had the experience of going out to eat with a friend who takes forever to decide on the main course, and then when the food arrives,  he or she takes a look at one order whizzing by on the tray of the waiter, and says” I should have ordered the chicken.”

Aargh.  Hey-we eat at least 1,000 meals per year.  If we’re lucky we’ll eat 80,000 meals in a lifetime.

The decision about that one meal is not that important.  Really it’s not.  Make the choice quickly and stick with what you order and enjoy it.

The fish might be just as good as the chicken and you might discover something new that you like.  Besides, the usual reason for meeting up with friends or clients for dinner is to talk !!  The food is usually not the main reason to get together-it’s to have a good time. The food is most often just background.

Why ruin the good time by not being fully present and instead, “just dreaming of the chicken?”

It’s not only in restaurants that people are looking over their  shoulders and second guessing themselves.  It happens everywhere. You hear people say:

“I should have taken that job.”

“I should have hired a different personal trainer.”

“I should have gone to China.”

“I should have bought that other painting when it was just $5,000.”

You might really feel this way, but so what?  Instead, enjoy what you do have.  Enjoy the job, the trainer, Japan, the other painting. As that old Crosby Stills Nash and Young song goes:

“If you can’t be the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

Give a good think to what purpose these statements serve.

Do they keep you from being fully there where you are?

Do they keep you in a state of perpetual unhappiness never having confidence in your decisions?

Or do they motivate you to make some changes?

The most important change might be to make the best out of our current situation.

That takes work, commitment and confidence in your ability to make decisions.

For some it’s easier to second-guess themselves.

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