Most Business Terms Suck

There is no other way to say it.  When I hear people talk about competencies, monetization, upskilling, and feedback loops , I’m ready to leave the room.

Why has the language of business become so inhuman?

Humans do the work. Humans are the assets that companies ostensibly are proud of, but the language of business is right out of the military and machinery.

I hate the word alignment.  Today, I was thinking how inappropriate it is.  It sounds like something you do with a car or a platoon.  “We’re in alignment”, I hear people say.

I prefer to say, “we’re on the same wave”. I know, it sounds so abstract, so soft and mushy.

But being on the same wave is really what matters to me.  Similar thinking, similar actions.  And the image shows that it’s gonna change. Like any wave. Not like some stupid alignment illusion.

I hope you too find people who are on the same wave-whether they be at work or at home, on vacation or at the gym.

Just don’t insult any of them and say you are “in alignment.” Or call them a vendor.

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