6 Lifestyle Questions To Ask Yourself As You Think about Your Career

Whether you’re thinking about a change of career or thinking about your first job,

there’s no end to the advice that you’ll get.  Don’t forget to think about the lifestyle you want at work.

Yes, lifestyle is very important when you think about work.

Here are 6 questions to consider.

1.  What do you want to wear to work?      

A. Suit and tie.  B.  Business Casual  C.  Shorts.  D. Pajamas

2.  Where do you want to live?        

A. Downtown   B. Suburb    C. By The Beach   D. Far Away

3.  How do you want to commute?    

A. Car   B. Limo  C. Bicycle   D. Elevator  E. Train   F. Shoes

4.  Who do you want to work with?      

A. Beautiful people   B. Smart People   C.  Dumb People   D. No People

5.  What kind of food do you want to eat?  

A. Sandwiches   B. McDonalds   C. Michelin star restaurants   D.  Home cooking is the best

6.  Free time?  

A. Set my own schedule   B.  More than I have now   C.  After 5 PM and weekends is enough for me

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