The Easiest Way To Attract The Best People

Is it really  that hard to find good people?  I hear company executives say it all the time and I don’t buy it 100 %.

It’s only part of the story.

Great companies don’t have a problem in finding great people.   Neither do great leaders.  Everybody wants to work for them.  These companies and these leaders don’t have to search too much.

Who would want to work for a jerk?

If you want to attract great people, stop your searching.  Focus inward.

Become a better leader.  Become a better company.  Become one of the best companies to work for.  Become one of the best leaders in your organization.

People will want to work with you and you won’t have to search too much.

The best people will find you.

By the way, this approach works for finding a partner, boyfriend or girlfriend too.  You can search and search and say “it’s hard to find a good one”, or “all the good ones are gone.”  That’s total BS.

Become a better you, enjoy your life more and the good ones will find you.

Romney is catching a lot of flack for his “binders full of women” comment.

He wouldn’t need “binders” and wouldn’t have had to put out a call for female candidates if he was the kind of leader women would want to work for.

If you work for a jerk now, can you ignore the jerk?  Can you learn from the jerk?   How bad is the pain?

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