Do You Want to Be In Bed With Your Blackberry or Your Partner?

I was lucky, and I knew it the minute I heard it.

Many years ago, when I was changing jobs, my friend [who also happened to be my accountant] asked me “what kind of lifestyle do you want?”

The lifestyle question is a wonderful place to begin your job search.

Everyone else will ask which industry you want or how much money you want to make.

But think about it.

It’s not about whether you choose finance or high fashion.

It’s about the kind of life you want.

Whether  you want to have time to run in races, whether you want to be in bed with your partner or your blackberry, whether you want to work every day, whether you want to go to the office when the trains are packed.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Want?

Isn’t it time you had it?

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