Doing What Really Counts

He:  Work is driving me crazy.  I have to get ready for a big presentation next week.   I just haven’t had the time to do it.

Me:  Really? What’cha been doin’?

He:  Last night, I went over Dave and Alice’s and got slobbered over by their dogs.

Me:  Uh. Huh. 

He: I took the morning off and  test drove a Honda so I could get a $50 coupon for Whole Foods.

Me:  Uh. Huh. [Huh? to myself]

He:  How can I get ready for the presentation?  No time.

Me:  Are You serious?

He:  Uh. Huh. [Huh?  To Himself.]

Have something important to do?  As Nike says, just do it.

Clear your schedule. Turn off your phone. Close the door and get it done.  You’ll have time for all of that other stuff later.

Don’t wait for inspiration either.  The best inspiration comes from doing the work.

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