It’s Time for Revolutions, Not Resolutions

I hate new year resolutions.  They don’t seem to ever make a difference.

How many people really  lose weight or give up smoking because it was a resolution?

2013-happy-new-yearThis year, why not make a plan to do some things really big?  Some things that will really change your life.

Here are 6 Ideas for New Year Revolutions.

1.  Less Computer Time; More Face Time.  

Less Facebook, less twitter, less LinkedIn, less everything that you do in front of a computer. More talking, more conversations, more one on ones.

2.  Speak up; Speak Out.  

You hear some one say something offensive, outrageous, untrue, call it as it is.  Yes, this includes your family and your boss too. You have an opinion or an idea for a strategy that you keep to yourself, who are you hurting? Yourself.

You don’t have to get angry. Just say you disagree, or you see things differently. If you are from a culture where this  is really tough for you, you don’t have to do it in public.  Just have a 1 on 1 [see the first suggestion above.]

3.  Change Something Big, Really Big.

Change your job, your city, your car, your friends, your apartment, your furniture, even your bed.  Not all of them, but at least the one that you’re the least happy about.

When we opened our art gallery, my life got so much better. I loved teaching, but writing and running the gallery is just perfect.

I got an email today from a friend who left the university a few years before me.  She just got married.  Her life got better when she changed something big.

4.  Make Something

If you’re like most people, you make your living from services, not from manufacturing. You sell, you consult, you help people, your give tours, you buy, etc.

This year make something. Plant a garden, build a table, paint something, make a cup out of clay.

I don’t care if you have no talent for these things.  Just get your hands dirty or wet.

Discover what it means to make something. Show it to other people.  Brag about it. Feel the pride that comes from creating something.

29348_476222589083691_2019912275_n5. Make Everything Fun

Why can’t everything be fun?  Even stuff  you hate. Shopping, the gym, aerobics, school, all kinds of work-make it fun.

I love it when I take an aerobics class and the teacher smiles and cracks jokes as we all sweat.  Why don’t the other instructors do this? Do they think it means they are not serious?

I took a wine tasting class and quit after two classes because the instructor  gave pop quizzes.  Huh?

All work has the potential to be much more fun–you meet interesting people, you learn a lot, you  get paid, you  get dressed up. Sounds like a party.

6. Live In The Present

Don’t carry yesterday’s baggage around with you. Imagine every day is a brand new trip.  The past is finished. There is nothing you can do now. it’s over.  Don’t beat yourself over the head about the job you didn’t get or the stock you lost money on. Forget about it.

Ditto for the future, including worrying about  what’s might happen: retirement, your health, your bank account.  Be glad if you live long enough to take advantage of all of your funds, but don’t over-sacrifice now in order to have a  good life in retirement.

Live the best life you can now. Today.

Happy 2013

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  1. FJW says:

    Stand out, speak up, speak out! That’s a tough one.

    I do agree with most of what you wrote here, and I do think that resolutions are meaningful if, like me, you set goals that are concrete and can be achieved. In 2012 I decided that I would loose kg while increasing my muscular mass so that I would not put my health in trouble. It was my year-long red line and I kept the promise made to myself. I did the sane this year. I set 3 goals, and, as one of them will take more than 1 year to be reached, I defined were I should be at the end of this year. Some of the resolution belong to what you call ” change stg”, and the 2-year one belong to the category ” create stg”.
    If you fo not set concrete goals, then it cannot work, either way.

    Then, concerning the “speak out” line, I did it last year as something non ethical happened. But my boss is simply a ” I am the boss therefore I am always right” type. Be ready to suffer then, because it can become a situation of ” power harassment” the minute after you expressed your concern. It became so and it’s no fun. I still stand for ethics, but you’d better be warned before speaking up.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. I am glad to see that the resolutions worked for you. I will write more about objectives during the next month or so. As for speaking out, sometime you have to do it for your self! You have to read the air first and sometime the reaction you get is very negative. Could you have known what would happen even before you spoke up? Could it be that the series of messages you are getting are telling you to take some other kind of action?