McDonalds Shouldn’t Sell Lobster Rolls

Unknown-1You won’t see McDonalds selling Lobster Rolls. It just wouldn’t fit.

So when my favorite Italian bakery started selling Bagels, it didn’t make sense to me either.

The bagels weren’t good. In fact they were awful.  They were soggy and soft.

Another question.  Why does my favorite ramen shop sell blueberry yogurt shakes?

Answer: I have no idea, except maybe the company president’s daughter likes them.

Why does the local gym have coke in the vending machine?  I don’t get it.

Do they want people to work out more after ingesting all that sugar?

Unknown-2And when I saw a sign for a barber shop that also gave haircuts to dogs,

I realized that some people will grab at anything to increase sales.

Even something that is more likely to sink their business than save it.

These efforts to add incompatible products and services won’t work.

If you want to expand your business, focus on what you do best and do it better and better.

If you add some service or product that doesn’t fit with what you do, you won’t increase your business, you’ll more likely hasten its demise.

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