The Joy One Idea Can Bring To You

I was going through a rough spell this week.

I had a problem I couldn’t solve, a very big challenge.  Nothing seemed to work. Maybe you have had a problem like this.

lightbulb_idea[1]I tried not to worry about it, but it was there. I wrote it down, I forgot about it. I didn’t want it to ruin my day, my life. I didn’t want to obsess about it.

And then just suddenly this morning  I thought of something  that just might fix it.

I felt so much joy when the idea came to me.

I am not sure if it will be the answer, but I felt so great  coming up with an idea and using my brain.  I’m going to give it a try. We hardly use 1% of our brain.

The joy of coming up with an idea made me feel alive, relaxed, happy, confident, competent.

I got all of that from one idea!!

If you do nothing else today, come up with an idea. Don’t do it out of panic. Don’t judge it either.

Get it from something positive you want to do.

And don’t worry yet about implementation  or about selling it to someone else, just feel good with the idea. Really good.


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