Why Don’t We Say “Handsome Old Man”?

We say, “handsome young man”, but we hardly ever  couple  the word handsome with old.

Old men can be handsome too.

And what is old these days?

Unknown-170 year old guys in my gym have six packs.  And hard biceps. They swim like olympic champions.

The older women in my gym take hip hop dancing classes.

One of them started ballet at 65.

She looks like a ballerina.

I tried to get a reduced fare on Tokyo’s buses but I’m too young.

I have to wait until I’m 70.

We say “dirty” old man, but never “dirty” young man?  How come?

There certainly are  dirty young men.

Why don’t we say, “you look old” and mean it as a compliment?

It is never easy getting older.  We should say, congratulations and “you look old.”

But instead, we think the biggest compliment you can  get is “you look young.”

Why is that a compliment?

It took years for me to get to where I am.

And why do older people become enablers, and say “thank you” when people tell us we look younger?”

The next time someone says that to me, I am going to ask if its a compliment.

I know they’ll give me a stance look, and say “crazy old guy.”

Last week, the  receptionist asked my age when I called to make the appointment to see the doctor [not a plastic surgeon],

When I told her, the answer I got was “you sound much younger.”

I said, “thank you.”

Unknown-2I wished I hadn’t said that.

So, when people tell me I look younger,  I am just going to say, “eh” in Japanese.

Lauren Bacall is 88.  She  said it best.

“What’s so terrible about growing older and having wrinkles? ‘ Listen, I’ve stuck with this face.

God knows there’s room for improvement. I’ve earned every one of my wrinkles.

Cheese ripens with age. Wine ripens with age.

Why can’t people. Does everybody have to be plastic?

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  1. Andrew Cefai says:

    Celebrating life as it is and for the gifts you have. Great article. Thanks Bob.

  2. karenmcfly says:

    Finally someone had the guts to say it. Sometimes, when people tell me that I look younger, I ask them what they think someone my age should look like.

  3. I like growing older…i find i love myself more n more as I’m growing older…who wants to a confused 16 year old?? Your post reminds me of Lin Yutang who also described how old are respected n revered in China in his book the Importance of living.