Busy? With What?

I am amazed how many people answer the question,

“How are you?’

by saying “busy”

When did busy become a feeling?

“Busy with what”, I sometimes say.

And the answer is usually  something like, “the same old stuff”.

“Correcting papers, staying late at work and more.”

It’s rarely something exciting.

If you’re gonna be busy, be busy with something you love, or better yet, someone you love, including yourself.

Today, I asked someone how he was, and he told me, “Great.”  You know I love that, so I asked him how come?

He told me he’s studying about South Pacific Islands. He doesn’t know why, but he loves it. Good for him.

If you’re busy, make sure it’s something good.

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” [Socrates]

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  1. Cool…I’m busy with learning about Stoicism, Zen…busy busy reading great books & great blog posts like this one. I’m glad you said this…it just needed to be said :-)