Lose Money? OK Lose Your Lover? OK Lose Your Job? OK. But Don’t Ever Lose This

You can lose money. You can lose your lover. You can lose your job.

But the one thing you have to keep is this:

Your Confidence.

Hanyu_span7It’s not easy, I know.  And when you lose those other things, your confidence may suffer.

But losing those other things may not have anything to do with you.  It may have more to do with the economy or “someone who is just not into you.”

I was impressed with the 18 year old Japanese national champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu who came in second at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships yesterday, after going into the finals with a sizable lead.

Here’s what he said:

“I fell a lot of disappointment but afterward I felt refreshed.

I wasn’t satisfied with my performance, but I haven’t lost my confidence either.”

The kid’s got that right.

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