I’m Fine

Unknown-1I’m fine with the way things are right now.

Sally Field said if before the Oscars.  I have a feeling she says that a lot.

We all should say the same thing.

Be fine with the way things are.

After all, you created where you are. If it’s not where you want to be, you can still be fine with it.  Just change it.

You may say easier said than done. But I disagree.

It just takes one step.

Years ago, I heard writer Anne Lamott say, ” I have everything I need,”  and I started saying the same thing.

I love saying this.  Gives us so much power.

Just try it.  Instead of saying, I’ll be fine once I reach x level or get the BMW, say “I have everything I need”.

Before you know it, it’s true.  I told this to a client who made 17 million per year and fired 11 staff so he could make 20 million.  He said he needed that money.

He asked me how much I needed. I told him I didn’t need anymore.

He was shocked.  He made his money but I bet he’s still not fine.

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