First Things First: Add This To Your To-Do List In A New Job

You’ve got a new job.  You’re excited.  There are things you want to do.  You want to contribute. You want to learn. You want to drive the business.  Here’s one thing most people forget.  But make it part of your job.

Find the best people who work there.

You’re going to need people to talk with. You’re going to need some info on navigating the paperwork.  You’re going to need some friends.

imagesMake it your job to find the best people.  Think of it as a discovery process.  You don’t have to declare it.  Just keep your eyes out for people who can get things done, for people who have succeeded, for people who never complain, for people who don’t advertise what they do.

One caveat.  The people who rush to be friends with you when you start may not be the best people.  They might be the people who haven’t been able to connect with anyone and now hope to connect with you.

One way for you to find the best people is to look for them. Listen to what people say–good and bad about others.  But don’t jump in with your opinions.

Another way is to do the best job you possibly can.  The best people will find you.

A former client dropped by the gallery last week. He started a new job but he’s not sure he’s gonna stay long.  He’ll give it a try though.  I told him to make it his job to find the best people.

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