Learning Techniques Won’t Help

Learning Techniques Won’t Help . You got to be “into it” first.

If you’re not into it, not motivated, or sick of it,

you can learn the best techniques in the world and you still won’t be any good at it.

One doctor friend always asked everybody else about the techniques they used in talking with patients

images-13Sometimes he tries them out but they don’t work.  This doctor  misdiagnosed his own situation.

The real problem was not technique. The real problem was he  just wasn’t into it being a doctor.

He didn’t want to do it anymore.  He really didn’t like working with patients at all.

If you’re a teacher, a hair cutter, a baker,  a porno actor or a  piano player, don’t focus on new techniques, show up, be glad to be there, get into it.

That’s the first step in being good at something.

Can’t do that? That’s another problem.   I’ll offer some ideas about getting into it soon.

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  1. “porno actor”… made me smile big. :)