Stretch Goals: Do You Really Need Them?

One of the best things about working at Keio University was that the university created an environment where everyone could succeed.
There was no one standing in your way. In fact, the university did everything they could to make you a success.

That included contact with first rate international scholars, a group of intelligent colleagues, one of the best libraries in Asia,research money, book money, top-notch students.

Not every star shined there, but becoming a star was in reach of anyone.  If you didn’t succeed, it was not because of the place.

Thankfully there was no boss or administrator there that set goals for me. I set goals for myself and that always worked best. In fact, if someone did set goals for me, that wouldn’t have worked for me. 

I do not need someone to set a stretch goal for me.

I wanted to succeed for myself, for my colleagues, for my students, for Keio University and for Japan. I didn’t go looking for any extra bonus for doing it either.  

I know I am not alone in thinking this.  

Companies are addicted to goal setting and ignore the benefits that can come from the personal motivation that is inside of all of us.

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