Warning: Solving Your Problems Keeps You From Your Dreams

When I meet with so-called creativity consultants, I am amazed how many focus on solving problems.  
Creativity is not about solving problems.  It’s about creating your dreams.

It takes courage and determination to  create  and hold on to your dreams.  It’s  much easier to focus on goals or problems, and solving them.  But why settle?

One university colleague continuously asked me for advice on how to handle the simplest of 541670_4699774444677_399658225_nsituations.  She is in her fifties, should not be  knocked over by the normal ebb and flow of university life, but she had a hard time dealing with the political maneuverings that are found in every university.  

One time I asked her if she would give some thought to what she really wanted to accomplish as a professor, that is, what her dream was.  Her answer:  “that’s too difficult for me to think about, can you just help me handle this situation again?” At least she was honest.

How about you? Are you ready to give some thought to your own dreams?  To what you really want?

There are many excuses to delay giving it thought, but you will only be postponing having the kind of life you want at work. 

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  1. zmagen says:

    Just wanted to thank you for these well-written, spot-on, beautiful thoughts, Dr Tobin.

    Kind regards,

    Ziv Magen – Manager, Asia-Pacific Nippon Tradings International