Playing It Safe? Here’s What It Gets You

Every day, we have a chance to show our courage.

images-7We could have that uncomfortable conversation with a colleague who is bothering us.  We could call the venture capitalist we met at a friend’s party and pitch a couple of business ideas.

We could talk to our boss about the project we really would love to do.

We could tell our parents we won’t be making the sixteen-hour flight to come home for the holidays.

We could try that sea urchin ice cream.

But something stops us.  We may say to ourselves, “I’m too busy,” or “the timing is wrong,” or “I tried that before”.

There is no end to the excuses we can come up with. But it’s really the lack of courage that stops us. We become accustomed to certain patterns in our life and a way of looking at ourselves and we lack the courage to change. We play it safe.

But playing it safe creates its own kind of hell.

In the words of writer and spiritual healer Stephen Levine: “Safety is the most unsafe spiritual path you can take.  Safety keeps you numb and dead.

People are caught by surprise when it comes time to die.

They have allowed themselves to live so little.”


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