Bob Tobin has written more than 30 articles on the topics of leadership and change, and was a regular contributor to the journal of the American Chamber of Commece Japan. Please click on the title to read the full article.

Walk past any newsstand today and you’re likely to find magazine covers heralding changes in Japan with stories entitled “The New Japan”, “How Japan is Changing”, or “The Changing Face of Japan”. Any day now, expect to see an article entitled “Say Goodbye to Japan as We Knew It.”

Take a lesson from the Japanese management playbook: Let everyone share in success, and thank your team when work goes well.

Global organization development requires a set of unique personal and professional skills.

Is entrepreneurship a subject that needs to be taught, or a job that needs to be done?

What do you want from life: Change? He did not talk at the audience. He asked questions of the audience. “What’s bugging you? What’s funny (strange-funny)? What are people complaining about? Dr. Tobin asked us to look for those unmet needs right there and then.

What do four-year-olds do? They ask a lot of “why” questions. The participants are then asked to apply the same inquisitiveness to situations in their company.